Q – Can I connect multiple devices to my Bluetooth neckband simultaneously?
A – Yes, the Multi-Connectivity function of the NB119 Queen allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time. A maximum of 2 are allowed to be connected to the neckband.

Q – Is this Bluetooth Neckband waterproof?
A – The Neckband is rated IPX4 making it Water and Sweat Resistant and also your music partner at the Gym.

Q – What’s the battery life of this neckband?
A – Aroma’s NB119 Queen comes with a battery backup of 100 Continuous Hours ensuring that you and your music are not interrupted.

Q – How do I pair my Bluetooth neckband with a device?
A – Long press the “Power Button” to power on the neckband and you would be prompted with a continuous blue light. Once the red and blue lights start blinking, that means the neckband has entered pairing mode. Pair the neckband and your device using the Bluetooth interface.

Q – How do I control playback and calls on Bluetooth neckbands?
A – Follow the below controls for answering phone calls and managing music playback – 

  • Short Press (+) to change to next song
  • Short Press (-) to change to previous song
  • Long Press (+) to Increase Volume
  • Long Press (-) to decrease Volume
  • Long Press power button to turn On/Off
  • Short Press power button to Receive / Disconnect calls
  • Double Press power button to redial

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