Q – How Long is the battery life of this Smart Watch?
A – The SW102 Smartwatch comes with a strong battery back up of up to 5 Days straight. You wont have to worry about battery problems or frequent charging issues.

Q – Is this product waterproof?
A – Yes, this Smartwatch is rated IPX4 allowing it to be sweat and water resistant, hence making this smart watch a perfect partner for your morning jogs and workouts. 

Q – Can I answer phone calls with this smartwatch?
A – Yes, most certainly you can. The SW102 Smartwatch allows you to seamlessly answer phone calls from a distance as well as prompts you as soon as a call or message is received.

Q – Can I track my heart rate with this watch?
A – Yes. You can access the inbuilt software for tracking your heart rate by clicking on the heart icon on the main menu of the smart watch.

Q – Is there any warranty for this Smartwatch?
A – Unfortunately, we do not give warranty for this item, but stay rest assured, we do have a 7-days no questions asked Replacement Policy.

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