The ‘Badshah’ of Neckbands has more features under its belt!

They say ‘Music is Bliss,’ but if you don’t have the right device to experience music, then it’s clearly a ‘miss.’ Listening to music is so 2018, we no longer just ‘listen,’ we ‘experience’ music. Luckily, you don’t need a whole range of music paraphernalia to experience pure bliss! Just ‘Badshah’ neckband will do!

Elevating your music experience to a whole new level is what Badshah neckband is good at, and that is what makes Badshah neckband the best neckband in India. Badshah wireless neckband is designed to last longer than your break-up playlist, no matter how long it is. So, whether you’re grooving to your favourite tunes, catching up on podcasts, or enjoying immersive gaming sessions, the superb quality of these bluetooth neckbands will leave you in awe with every melody and lyric.

Trash your average-sounding ordinary earbuds, and say hello to extraordinary Badshah. Let’s dive into the features that redefine audio excellence:

1. POV: When your neckband’s battery is as low as your will to socialise:

With the help of our quick charging technology, you can listen to your favourite music without interruption for 5 hours on a single 10-minute charge. So you may now listen to music on our neckband earbuds for up to 60 hours straight without interruption. Now there’s a hero you can trust!

2. POV: When you want the best of both worlds:

With the dual pairing feature, you may simultaneously listen to your favourite music on two devices. With Bluetooth V5.0, you can connect more quickly and easily while still getting a solid connection for better audio quality.

3. POV: When it’s your favourite song and you want to hear every single word:

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio with the 12mm drivers, delivering rich and dynamic sound. Enjoy every beat and melody with exceptional clarity and depth.

4. POV: When you are adventurous and so are your neckbands:

The flexible silicon band with adjustable clips ensures a secure and comfortable fit. It is also IPX4 rated, making them splashproof and sweatproof. So, you stay focused and enjoy your music without any distractions.

5. POV: When you’d rather talk to Smart Assistant than friends:

Take full control of your music with the in-line controls allowing you to adjust volume, play/pause tracks, and answer calls with ease. The smart voice assistant feature provides hands-free convenience for on-the-go assistance.

6. POV: When your neckbands are in a better shape than you:

These neckband earphones’ lightweight, ergonomic design provides the utmost in comfort. They offer a comfortable fit without sacrificing style and are made for all-day listening.

With their impressive features, stylish design, and exceptional performance, these neckband earphones are the perfect companion for music lovers on the move. And did we mention the colours? The options range from Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Pink. So, embrace the freedom of colours, wireless superior sound quality, and convenient functionality with Badshah.

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